Fall Special on Zion RV Trailer Rentals: $100 OFF!

We will be offering a fall special on our RV trailer rentals because we know that the months of August to October are the best time of year to visit Zion. We want to share this season with you and help make your dream vacation here a reality.

Here are some of the reasons why fall is such a fantastic time to visit Zion.

Cooler Temperatures

It’s no secret that this national park in southern Utah can get to extremely high temperatures during the summer. That’s right, temperatures can get above 100 degrees during these months.

But during the fall, it all calms down. Temperatures range between a comfortable 60-90 degrees during the months of August to October. Spend the entire day enjoying the beautiful trails and views outside in the cooler weather.

Photographer’s Paradise

Autumn is also one of the most beautiful times to visit Zion. The colors really come alive during this time of year when the leaves change. Stunning shades of blazing reds, vivid oranges and shimmering yellows paint the landscape. Snap some photos that would make the most seasoned photographers jealous.

Uncrowded Zion

And you can take those pictures without having to worry about crowds getting in your way during the fall. Other months are so busy for this national park, but fall is definitely its off-season. These months are some of the best to visit Zion because they are the least crowded. Your vacation will be much more relaxing and calm without a huge crowd of tourists.

Starry Nights and Campfires

Zion’s night sky is just another beautiful detail of the vacation spot. The starry sky in this national park even rivals the daytime views. With so little light pollution—a rarity in this day and age—Zion is a great place for stargazing, making it a tranquil retreat from city life.

Nothing is better than sitting outside on a cool autumn night in Zion with a campfire and some s’mores. Sit back, relax and breath in that autumn air.

Zion Trailer Rental Fall Special: $100 OFF!

Yet another reason to visit Zion in autumn—book a reservation between the dates August 15 to October 15 to receive our fall special of $100 off on any RV trailer rental. Call 435-275-4470 or email info@ziontrailerrentals.com for details.

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